Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nutrition in Today's World

What can we do to eat healthier?  We can start by getting rid of some of the junk food, fast food, french fries, fried foods, and donuts, cakes, cookies and other extreme sweets, especially the fried ones.  How about getting rid of bacon and pork; in addition, stop drinking sugary soft drinks as well as the sugar-free, artificially-sweetened sodas.  Now try adding some healthier foods and drinks, and not consuming empty calories that add weight.  Try apple juice,  grape juice (100% juice) or orange juice instead of soda, or a spritzer soft drink found in the health food stores or how about just good old plain water, bottled or by reverse osmosis.  At the very least, use a good water filter.

What should I eat for breakfast?  Either eat healthy cereal, for example, oatmeal (rolled oats have more fiber than quick) with rice or almond milk and cinnamon.  As an alter-native, cooked rice cereals like rice shine or puffed cereals are good, or how about just eating a fruit bowl.  

What should I eat for lunch?  Instead of the old favorite the “meat sandwich,” how about trying a salad with avocado, shredded carrots, shredded beets, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli and maybe add a small baked potato without all the fixings— add flax seed oil instead.  

What can I have for dinner?  Try rice pasta or vegetable pasta, with or without a handful of shrimp, and assorted vegetables like broccoli and bok choy with onions & mushrooms; or a 3-5 ounce portion of fish like salmon, or baked or broiled chicken with no skin, with assorted vegetables and greens like broccoli or bok choy with onions, mushrooms, and brown rice.  Try to stay away from consuming dairy products as these can later lead to many health issues.  For cheeses, as an alternative try almond cheese or rice cheese and even occasionally goat’s milk cheese.  For tastier drinks, try a couple of cups of Green tea per day, and some Chai tea.   If you absolutely need an occasional sweetener, try Stevia (read label to avoid glucose) or Agave Syrup.  Try baking with them too.  For those of you curious enough to lean toward a more vegetable-based diet, stay tuned for future blogs.  If you need nutritional info, feel free to email me at or call my office at 970-229-9993.  Check out my other blogs at: 
                                             Dr. Stephen B. Asquith, D.C.

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