Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Fun!

With summer coming, we tend to overexert ourselves and possibly pull a tendon or ligament causing sprains or strains.  With minor injuries, chiropractic adjustments are maybe enough to heal your aches, pains, and injuries.  Chiropractic works by helping to restore normal nerve supply that is allowing the body to heal itself. 
With more moderate to severe injuries, it would be beneficial to use acupuncture in addition to chiropractic adjustments.   Acupuncture works by restoring normal chi or flow (blood supply) thus helping the body to heal more quickly. 

We can help you feel better and walk and exercise comfortably whether you injure your leg, or get low back, neck, knee, or elbow pain, or even twist your ankle.  Give us a call to get quickly back to summer fun.  Make an appointment at 970-229-9993 with Dr. Stephen B. Asquith.  www.chiroworker.com.